‘My New Sassy Girl’ Confirms to Premiere in 9 Countries of Asia


[by Woorim Ahn] Movie ‘My New Sassy Girl’ will premiere in 9 countries.

‘My New Sassy Girl’ is about Kyunwoo (Cha Tae Hyun) that left the original sassy girl (Jun Ji Hyun) gets married to a new sassy girl (Victoria).

The film premiered in China on April 22 and it has its premiere ahead in Korea on May 12. As a continuous point, it recently confirmed to distribute in Hong Kong, Macao, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam in May. Starting on May 12 in Korea and Singapore, the film will hit the theaters in Malaysia on May 19 and in Vietnam on May 27.

When its original version premiered in 2001, it gathered about 5 million audiences and it was remade in various formats in United States, Asia and Europe.

Meanwhile, ‘My New Sassy Girl’ will hit the theaters on May 12. (photo by Little Big Pictures)

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