My Golden Vocabulary


From rags to riches, Seo Jian became a “chaebol” overnight thanks to her life’s sudden twist of fate! Regardless though, she keeps her “feet on the ground” and knows her boundaries. So, here are some of the words I learned from the hit weekend drama, “My Golden Life”, most of which are in their honorific form.


1. “알겠습니다” (al ges seum ni da) | I understand.

Nicknamed as the “errand girl”, a temporary employee, Seo Jian would often say “알겠습니다” to her “bosses”- well, basically everyone in that marketing firm! Whatever it may be, whether it’s printing papers, making coffee or even fetching your boss’s daughter, Seo Jian will do it. Her grit and perseverance shows that she will do everything and anything for that “full-employment” contract.


“알겠습니다” is what you use to say “I understand” or “I get it (So, I’ll do it)”. When your Korean teacher asks you if you “understand” the lesson, when your parents give you something to do (and for some reason you just wanted to answer them in Korean), or you simply want to give yourself a  “pep-talk”,  “알겠습니다” is the word.


2. “줘요주세요” (juo yo/ juseyo) | Give me/ Please give me.

If you watched the drama and remembered the scene where Seo Jisu was reaching for her phone from Choi Dogyeong’s hand, she was saying “핸드폰 줘요” (haen deu pon juo yo) , “Give me my phone”. Like that example, you can just add a different word to make your own sentence : [THING] + 줘요/ 주세요.


This is actually a very helpful phrase to know if you’re about to visit Korea. Ordering food would be easy and buying anything in general! Make sure to use “주세요” for this though: [THING] + 주세요. Please give me this [THING].

Example: “물 주세요” (mul ju se yo) | Can I please have water.




3. 어서오세요 (eo seo o se yo) | Welcome/ Come In.

Enter a cafe or a restaurant, you’ll hear this phrase often, “어서오세요” meaning “Welcome, come in”. This phrase if often said by all-around guy Seon Uhyeok. Uhyeok may look tough on the outside but very gentle and caring on the inside. He is always ready to help others, especially when Jian goes into trouble!


Since, he works at a cafe and often says “어서오세요” to a lot of people, the only person he’s left to say this to is to Jian, “Come in to my heart”- kidding! (That would be a different word~)



4. 이봐요 (i bwa yo) | Hey.

This phrase literally means, “look at this”, but it’s generally translated as “hey”, calling out for that person’s attention. I guess, Choi Dogyeong ajussi” was super irritated when he got his car crashed by Seo Jian! Both of them probably exchanged twenty “이봐요”s!


Most of the time, this phrase is used when someone is “mad”, or often used by someone who has a bad temper- this is an “assumption” according to the dramas. Generally, this word is not so polite, but I guess it’s better than the word “야” (ya), which also means “hey”. If ever you really want to use this phrase, make sure to someone you are familiar with or close to. Or else... *dun dun dun.



5. 다녀왔습니다 (da neo was seum ni da) | I’m home/ I’m back.

When you get back home from work, school or wherever you’ve been, its respectful to say, “다녀왔습니다”, meaning  “I’m back/ I’m home”. This phrase is often heard from the Seo siblings coming back from their own “endeavors”.

This is in reply to the phrase “다녀오겠습니다”, which means “Goodbye and come back safely”, when someone leaves the house for school, work or etc.


6. 잘 부탁드립니다 (jal bu tak deu rim ni da) | Please take good care of me.

Literally it means “Please have good favor on me”, and is often said by someone who is the “newbie” at school or work. If you’re a K-Pop fan you’ll often hear this phrase from rookie artists, “잘 부탁드립니다”.


In a way, it eases the speaker, allowing one to be comfortable around his new classmates, co-workers and sunbaenims (seniors).


“My Golden Life” stars Shin Hyesun (School 2013; The Legend of the Blue Sea), Park Shihoo (The Princess’ Man; Cheongdam-dong Alice), Lee Taehwan (Please Come Back, Mister; W) and Seo Eunsu (Romantic Doctor; Duel).


“My Golden Life” is gaining a lot of attention due to its great storyline and brilliant cast chemistry! I hope you learned or recalled some Korean phrases from this article and always remember you can learn more than what “meets-the-eye” from K-dramas!


Make sure to check out the upcoming episodes this Saturday and Sunday 21:00 KST only on KBS WORLD!