MY GOLDEN LIFE: Jian’s fashion style before entering the chaebol family / Cao Thi Huong


After 6 episodes, Seo Jian‘s life has a lot of disturbances. Since losing her job by her classmates until she knows her birth parents are the president of the Haeseong Group.

At the end of Episode 6, Jian has moved to the Choi family. How will she cope in the new environment? Watch the next episode of My Golden Life on KBS World.

Now, let’s see her fashion style before entering the chaebol family!

Jian has a very simple fashion style and is somewhat tedious. At work, at home, or out, she always wears simple outfits with no accessories, no jewelry.

Simple work outfit: When working, she is always framed with a shirt + a skirt/ or pant. And sometimes she puts on black blazer. Her work outfit usually has two colors: white and black.

Minimalist outfit: When going out, she prefers to incorporate a T-shirt + jean or shirt worn outside the T-shirt + Jean


The most inconceivable is the navy blue dress that Jian wore to go to the luxury restaurant with her mother to meet her birth parents.


Let’s wait for more fashion styles of Jian!


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