‘My Friend’s Home’ Daniel, “Wear Dress Shoes in German Clubs!”


[by Yoonjung Yi] In the next episode of JTBC’s travel program ‘Where Is My Friend’s Home (My Friend’s Home)’, the crew showed off its fashion attire for German clubs.

Berlin is a famous clubbing spot, where people from various European countries come to visit. The crews prepared to check out the clubbing life in Berlin at night, and the other side of Berlin during daytime.

Daniel said, “Berlin is known for strict dress code for clubs. A lot of people get banned from entering the college due to their outfits, so everyone must wear dress shoes to clubs.”

Throughout the trip, Yoo Se-yoon wore comfortably and did not dress up, but he put makeup for the first time in order to enter the club. Moreover, Mikael surprised the crew by wearing leather pants, and Alberto and Zhang Yuan wore matching looks.

Before entering the club, Zhang Yuan made the crew burst into laughter by saying, “Which facial expression should I make, and what should I say?”.

Meanwhile, ‘My Friend’s Home’ airs on Wednesdays at 9:30pm KST. (photo by JTBC)

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