My Desert-like Skin, 3 Intensive Care for Dry Skin!


[by Choi Eun Sil/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] Between the changing of seasons, people who have dry skin start to worry about that. Not only do they have a tight feeling and deep wrinkles appear, their makeup gets cakey easily.

If you are one of those, start changing your skin to a moist one. Let’s take a look at the tips for adding a glow on your dry skin even with makeup.

Point 1. Cleansing Oil and Cream

Cleansing your skin thoroughly after going out is crucial for your skin. Frequent cleansing for dry skin is not recommended. Instead of the frequency, choosing a product that matches your skin type is more important.

Use a cleansing oil or cream to clean your face first. As dry skin lacks sebum, cleansing oils or creams which contain oil compounds are the right choice. Choose a product that fits your skin type to provide your skin with the nutrition needed.

Point 2. Basic Cream for Oil and Water Balance

Not all moisturizing products can help relieve your dry skin as it is mainly caused by the broken water and oil balance, causing the accumulation of skin dead cells and moisture loss. Therefore, use a cream that supplies an appropriate amount of oil and moisture.

Apart from replenishing moisture when doing basic skincare, it is also important to keep the moisture stay on your skin. Use a product that contains oil substances to prevent it from evaporating.

Point 3. Mist that Supplies Moisture Anytime and Anywhere

Frequently supply moisture to dry skin. Not caring it outdoors can lead to a rough skin. Try using a mist that can be carried around conveniently to quench skin’s thirst instantly.

After spraying a mist, you cannot just leave it alone. Use your fingers to tap it on your skin to boost absorption for effective moisture supply. Keep your skin hydrated anywhere and anytime with a mist.

Recommended Items for Dry Skin

01.     Sulwhasoo-Gentle Cleansing Oil EX: This is a hypoallergenic cleansing oil that removes makeup residues and wastes gently with a light texture.

02.     G.I.B-Snail Melting Cream: This cream is made with snail mucus ultrafiltrate to vitalize tired skin. Other substances such as raspberry extracts, pomegranate extracts and various fermented mixed complexes strengthen the skin.

03.     The Face Shop-The Therapy Airbrush Essential Mist: This product has an air-like texture that can be sprayed on the skin lightly to provide moisture with the fine moisture particles to prevent skin dryness. (photo by G.I.B, Sulwhasoo. The Face Shop, bntnews DB)