MUMYEONG weeps in the street with his face bleeding [The Master of Revenge]


Mumyeong, from the last episode, has been working so hard not to get caught in Kim Gildo‘s trap. Meanwhile, he kneels down and bursts into tears, grabbing many viewers’ attention.

Poor Mumyeong suffers from his sad past memories of losing his parents without knowing why. Growing up as an adult, he desperately tries to revenge himself upon his enemy Kim Gildo.

According to the staff, Mumyeong will be facing an endless crisis today. How he will overcome the situation and how his friends will react to this are today’s main points to keep an eye on!

[The Master of Revenge]

Showtime : Wed-Thu 21:50 | Re-run: Thu-Fri 03:00, 14:00 (Seoul, UTC+9)



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