MUMYEONG takes SEONU’s place to be ARO’s older brother! [Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth]


Aro and Mumyeong are now a brother and sister. More attention will be focused on whether they will be able to strike up a romance.

Mumyeong goes to meet his old friend’s father. In front of the house, he meets Aro who is surprised to see him dressed in her brother’s clothes.

The father asks Mumyeong to be his son, to live as Aro‘s brother. Although he, at first, denies it, after he tells him that it is Seonu‘s will, he decides to live Seonu‘s life.

Because his friend wants him to do it, Mumyeong chooses to take his place. What’s important here is actually how Aro thinks about this. Will she accept him as her older brother?

Meanwhile, during the ceremonial walk of the Queen, Mumyeong finds the soldier who killed his friend. Without hesitating, he rushes over to pay back at him. However, he soon gets caught and puts himself in danger!

[Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth]

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