‘Multi-beauty items are in?’ Multi-Functional/Purpose Cosmetics


[by Oh Eun Sun] A ‘multi-beauty item’ that provides various effects in one use is trending. A combination of effects has been added to one function. Some of the products are cosmetics that can supply hydration and anti-aging effects at the same time, and cleansers that remove exfoliation and hydration at the same time. In addition, versatile products that can use a single product in multiple locations are also popular. We look at three items that have caught the attention of consumers recently.

★ Anti-Aging + Moisturizing + Massage= Strong Anti-Aging Effect

MAXCLINIC CIRMAGE LIFTING STICK is a compact product with seven anti-aging creams’ effect packed into one, and has an amazing anti-aging effect. In addition, collagen and peptide ingredients are added to make your skin shine and resilient.

Most noteworthy is the wavy stick type design of the product. Every time you apply the product, it provides massaging effect to improve the skin swelling and it is possible to achieve Y lifting care from your face to neckline and décolleté without separate beauty tools or device. It is effective for the improvement of skin blood circulation at the same time as meridian massage effects.

★ Cleansing oil + foam = One step cleanser

Cleansing is a necessary step in finishing your day. Especially when you are wearing a full make-up, it should be washed off thoroughly with double or triple cleansing. However, this can lead to skin troubles if the skin is irritated. Therefore, a multi-tasking system that reduces all these steps grabbed consumers’ attention.

MAXCLINIC ROYAL CAVIAR OIL FOAM is an oil-based cleanser that turns into a foam formulation by adding water after you dissolve the make-up residue with an oil massage. Beluga caviar is excellent for moisturizing effect, so the skin does not pull even after cleansing and the skin tone becomes clear.

First, the intense moisturizing caviar oil rolling massage softens the residues of the skin and make-up residue. Then, when it comes in contact with water, it turns to a low-irritating plant-derived foam that can be smoothly finished without oil residue. It is a product that contains the know-how that is practiced in actual spa care, so you can feel the perfect care at the comfort of your home.

★ Moisturizing + various area application = universal beauty item

Vaseline is famous as a universal beauty items that can be used in various areas. First, you can use it as a moisturizer on your elbows, heels, and damaged hair. When applied, it softens the tip of the cracked hair, and calms dead skins from the elbows and heels. It is also good to use with Q-tips or cotton pads to remove point make-ups. Applying Vaseline before spraying on perfumes will enhance the persistence of the fragrance. (photo by Max Clinic, N&B Lab, Vaseline Facebook, bntnews DB)
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