Mr. Big nose Ji Suk-jin signs up with FNC Entertainment



Mr. Big nose Ji Suk-jin signs up with FNC Entertainment

Ji Suk-jin went to FNC.

Ji Suk-jin made a contract with FNC Entertainment.

FNC announced, “We will support Ji Suk-jin’s activities in Korea and overseas based on the robust infrastructure constructed all over Asian market as well as China.

Since Ji Suk-jin debuted as a singer with his first album ‘Smile in the gloomy afternoon’ in 1992, he has been appeared on SBS ‘Truth game’, KBS’ Happy Sunday’, and KBS ‘Star golden bell’ as a MC.

In recent, he has been doing fan meeting tour in Hong Kong, and Shanghai in accordance with the popularity of SBS ‘Running man’ in Chinese speaking countries. He ranked the 10th in Baidu chart with the OST ‘Barrette’ of ‘Romance for 7 days’ which is a Korean-Hong Kong made drama.

Ji Suk-jin’s Weibo recorded 1.65 million followers.

FNC is constructing a robust entertainer line-up by recruiting Yoo Jae-suk, Song Eun-yi, Jeong Hyung-don, Kim Yong-man, NoH Hong-chul, Lee Guk-ju, Moon Se-yoon, as well as Ji Suk-jin. Especially, FNC started its business diversification such as album & performance production, management, academy business, and drama production.

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