Monsta X were appointed honorary ambassadors of Girl Guides


Boy band Monsta X are the seventh appointed Girl Guides’ honorary ambassadors.

On December 11th, the Korean Girl Guides Federation appointed the seven-member boy band to be the Girl Guide’s 7th honorary ambassadors.

The Girl Guides Federation explained their chose by saying “Monsta X has an abundance of skills and charm. They are also active and overflowing with both health and beauty. This conforms well to the Girl Guides’ image and so for these reasons we chose them as our honorary ambassadors.

They were also chosen because they hold a lot of influence over teen girls and are very famous. The singer Rain was chosen as the first ever Girl Guides ambassador. Hip hop group Epik High were the second ever honorary ambassadors. Third were Girls’ Generation, fourth were f(x), fifth were CNBLUE and sixth were idol group B1A4. Monsta X’s debuted one year ago and their selection as the next Girl Guides ambassadors, proves their rapid success.

Monsta X will remain ambassadors until 2017. During that time they are expected to promote the organization abroad, and attend various Girl Guides Federation events, and participate in various activities in order to develop the potential and capabilities of young girls.

The official honorary ambassador appointment ceremony will be held on December 16th at 4:00pm in the International Conference Hall in Seoul Women’s Plaza. There will be approximately 120 girls in attendance.

They released their debut album Trespass earlier this year, as well as their EP Rush, both of which they have been out promoting. They won prizes at both the MelOn Music Awards and the Mnet Asian Music Awards this year.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by Starship Entertainment

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