Mnet Innovates Music Related Programs


[by Ent Team] Mnet just created a new music related variety program!

‘Golden Tambourine’ takes a tambourine group of 4 persons issued from all levels of society to compete against stars for a fun challenge and experience.

The so-called T4 is composed of Yoo Se Yoon, Shim Hyung Tak, Jo Kwon and Choi Yoo Jung. The members are active in various fields such a comedy, acting, music and on the idol scene, giving the show a strong personality and versatility. As soon as the names were revealed, the public starting anticipating the contents and the guests who will face the group.

On November 10, Mnet released the poster of ‘Golden Tambourine’ which shows the four members. And there’s already a couple of stories: rumors have it going that all three men took really good care of Choi Yoo Jung – Shim Hyung Tak would have gained the name of ‘Yoo Jung’s uncle’ while Yoo Se Yoon and Jo Kwon would have spent the day dancing on I.O.I songs with her.

Producer Kim Shin Yong said, “’Golden Tambourine’ is the kind of show that everyone, regardless of singing talent, can enjoy. It’s a program that relates to karaoke rooms. It will bring a new perspective to viewers who are tired of music related programs that only focus on talent.”

Meanwhile, Mnet’s ‘Golden Tambourine’ will premiere on both Mnet and tvN on December 15. (photo by CJ E&M)

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