Miryeong and Jeongae plan a congratulations party for Sunsin [You Are The Best!]


Miryeong’s upset at she can’t control Sunsin. Sunsin prepares for a minor role, a friend who wants to be a singer. Yusin tries her best to make Gilja like her but Gilja asks Yusin to do all the housework. After coming back from work, Chanu does the housework instead and Gilja gets furious. Yeona’s mad at Miryeong as she forgot her birthday. Also, she decides to act in the drama Sunsin’s auditioning for after finding out that Junho likes Sunsin.

Sunsin calls Jeongae to tell her she made the audition, but Jeongae hangs up quickly because of busy work. Meanwhile, Chanu tells Gilja that he’ll marry Yusin without Gilja’s permission. Miryeong finds out that Jeongae’s planning a congratulations party for Sunsin and decides to have a huge congratulation’s party as well.