Mir Arouses Park Joon Hyung’s Anger?!


[by Yanchingsally Chu] Mir made Park Joon Hyung angry on KBS 2TV ‘Suspicious Holiday’.

On the upcoming episode, the story of Park Joon Hyun and Mir travelling in Sri Lanka will be showed.

When they were playing game beside the sea, Mir made no concessions at all, making Park Joon Hyun yelled, “Are you sure that you are a fan of g.o.d? I am actually over fifty!”

Mir is well-known as a fan of the group g.o.d for long. He mentioned it for many times on broadcasting programs and his own SNS channels. The travel story between the two good friends, as well as a celebrity and his fan is highly anticipated by the audience.

Meanwhile, the upcoming episode of ‘Suspicious Holiday’ will be aired tonight (July 25) at 8:55pm KST. (photo by KBS)

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