MIIII Will Make Her Comeback with a New Song


[by Woorim Ahn] Vocalist MIIII will release her digital single album.

On March 16, she will make her comeback after an 11-month hiatus with a new song.

The new song is produced by composer Lee Chi Woo that previously made ‘Baby Baby’ and ‘Excuse’ of 4MEN. It has a mysterious mood that was made with the motif of movie ‘Avatar’ and it will highlight MIIII’s clear voice.

The vocalist made her activities with mini album ‘Not-Boyfriend’ last year and participated in various dramas’ OSTs such as ‘Oh My Venus’ and ‘Super Daddy’ to appeal her musical charms and build her career as a sentimental singer.

Meanwhile, MIIII’s new song will be released on March 16 at noon. (photo by The VIBE Entertainment)

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