Middle-aged Men Are Gathered for ‘Real Men’


[by Woorim Ahn] Middle-aged men, average age of 46.7, enlisted in the army for MBC ‘Real Men’.

On February 2, MBC released photos of seven members: actor Lee Dong Jun, Cho Min Ki, Kim Min Kyo, Bae Su Bin, comedian Yoon Jung Su, singer Mino and a former basketball player Suk Joo Il, heading to an army base.

According to the program, they joined the White Horse Unit located in Ilsan, Gyeonggido. Special thing about the casts are they are pretty old to enlist in the army. The oldest one among them is Lee Dong Jun who is 59 years old and the youngest one is Bae Su Bin who is in his forties.

Since they are specially gathered for ‘Middle-aged’ special, they will show the power of middle-aged men in the army.

Meanwhile, ‘Real Men: Middle-aged Special’ airing schedule will be announced later. (photo by MBC)

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