MelodyDay disbands after 4 years “Sorry to the fans”


Girl group MelodyDay (Yeo-Eun, Yoo-Min, Ye-In, Cha-Hee) is disbanding after 4 years.

MelodyDay disbands after 4 years

On December 26, MelodyDay‘s Yeo-Eun announced the group’s disbandment on her Instagram through a handwritten letter.

She wrote, “It was not an easy decision since we had spent a lot of time together, but we made the decision for each other. We are sorry to the fans who always wait for us.”

Yoo-Min also wrote on her Instagram, “Thank you so much to the fans for supporting us with unchanging love for the past 4 years.”

MelodyDay debuted as a four-member group in 2014.

[Image source: Cre.Ker Entertainment, Yeo-Eun Instagram]