MC Mong to Make Comeback Next Month!


[by Woorim Ahn] MC Mong is coming back with seventh official album.

On August 29, his agency Dream T Entertainment said, “MC Mong will release his seventh official album ‘U.F.O’ through music websites on September 6 at midnight.”

‘U.F.O’ has double title songs and one of them is ‘Tears’ by MC Mong and East west. The other one ‘Because I Love You’ is by Double Side Kick and Faces of Honor. Moreover, the title songs’ lyrics are written by MC Mong to contain his own messages.

Previously, he disclosed sixth official album in 2014 after a long hiatus and conquered the music charts. The upcoming album has a total of 12 tracks and the public is anticipating for the featuring artists.

Meanwhile, ‘U.F.O’ by MC Mong will be out on September 6 at midnight. (photo by Dream T Entertainment)