MC Mong and His Monster Friends Are Falling In Love


[Ent Team] Rapper MC Mong is releasing a new song.

On October 27, MC Mong released the teaser for the title song ‘Visual Ganster’ of his seventh album ‘U.F.O’ through the YouTube channels of Dream Team Entertainment and 1theK.

‘Visual Gangster’ is based on a special melody that mixes cello with piano with electronic synth for an acoustic atmosphere that will bring warmth to the winter.

The lyrics tell about the feelings a man who sees his live revolving around one girl he fell in love with. A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji took part to the recording in an amazing synergy.

In the teaser that was unveiled today, MC Mong and four monsters try to win the heart of Lee Sun Bin, the Korean actress that is under all the spotlights lately. The funny vibe of the video has the fans’ expectation strongly increasing. (photo is a capture of ‘Visual Ganster’ teaser video)