MC Gree Has His Debut Ahead!


[by Woorim Ahn] MC Gree’s first debut single ‘Nineteen’ teaser became a hot issue.

His agency Brand New Music disclosed three versions of teaser videos in consecutive orders with the themes of ‘Loneliness’, ‘Dream’ and ‘Fluttering’ from May 4 through its official SNS channels. As the agency released his title song’s music video teaser yesterday, it announced his official debut is just around the corner.

In the music video teaser, students at the age of 19 made sad faces just like they are having some troubles and MC Gree appeared to end the film. Particularly, unlike MC Gree’s usual side in positive way, he seems serious in the clip and it aroused the mass public’s curiosity.

MC Gree has practiced in Brand New Music where SanE, Verbal Jint, Phantom, Eluphant, Ptype and others belong to for one and half years. The debut single has two songs and all of those are composed by him, so the mass public is paying attention to his work.

Meanwhile, MC Gree’s ‘Nineteen’ will be released on May 18 at midnight. (photo by Brand New Music)