‘Mari and I’ Kang Ho Dong Impersonates a Woman for a Dog


[by Kim Young Shin] In JTBC ‘Mari and I’ Kang Ho Dong will pretend to be a lady for his pet dog.

On the upcoming episode of the program, Kang looks after a Bichon Frise named Stone. The dog’s lovely round hair style and milky white fur fascinate Kang. However, Stone is afraid of adult males.

During the filming, Kang tried to win the dog’s heart by making female voices after much consideration. Moreover, he took Stone to a dog café for a smooth communication. However, the cold-hearted lady did not respond to Kang and made him suffer.

To suit Stone’s palate, Kang tried making ricotta. It was a difficult challenge for him as he could not even pronounce the name of the food.

Whether Kang can open the dog’s heart with the cheese he made will be on 7th episode of ‘Mari and I’ on January 27 at 10:50om KST. (photo by JTBC)

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