MAMAMOO won’t Stop There


[by Ent Team] MAMAMOO proves once again that it has a very strong music power.

According to Hanteo Charts, MAMAMOO’s latest mini-album (release date: November 7) has sold more than 20.000 copies. Thus, MAMAMOO becomes the only female group to top the charts amongst male opponents such as EXO and BTOB.

Only a week after the release of its fourth mini-album ‘MEMORY’, the group was able to witness the amazing strength of its fan base who was able to put their favorite name on top of many popular lists in Korea.

The girls’ title track, ‘Décalcomanie’ is a 8-beat rock rhythm that display MAMAMOO’s soulful vocals. Also, this concept was the first sexy concept that the girl tried on since debuts.

Meanwhile, MAMAMOO, who just entered the sphere of the most relevant groups in Kpop, is currently promoting the popular ‘Décalcomanie’. (photo by RBW)