MAMAMOO Tops Music Charts with Its Pre-Single


[by Kim Young Shin] Girl group MAMAMOO swept major music charts with its pre-single.

On February 12, it disclosed the second pre-single ‘Taller than You’ to promote its upcoming album, which is to be issued on February 26.

‘Taller than You’ ranked first on music charts including Mnet and Olleh Music. It scored second in Bugs and Genie, seventh in Naver, eighth in MelOn and ninth in Soribada as soon as it released.

It is noteworthy that the group’s first pre-single ‘I Miss You’ also gained interest from the mass public and topped music charts.

Its new song ‘Taller than You’ has comical melody loops based on a hip hop beat. Its addictive hooks repeat until a higher tempo trap beat comes in to take over the song. The members, who actually have one centimeter differences in heights, wrote the song. The lyrics carried the episodes anyone can sympathize in.

MAMAMOO’s two pre-singles succeeded in drawing attention to its first official album which is to come later this month.

Meanwhile, its first official album ‘MELTING’ will be revealed on February 26. (photo by RBW)