MAMAMOO Releases Its Individual Teaser Cuts


[by Woorim Ahn] MAMAMOO took its album’s jacket images and music video in Thailand.

On February 17 at midnight, the group additionally disclosed its individual teaser cuts taken in Thailand on its official SNS. In the pictures, the group caught the mass public’s attention with its fresh charms and smiles.

Moreover, the group showed off their free and stylish looks in the photos. Sola appealed her innocent and feminine charms and Moonbyul showed off her perfect figure by wearing shorts and cropped top.

Wheein matched flower patterned top and denim shirts to show her fashion sense and Hwasa wore a white look with a flower on her ear to appeal her innocent beauty.

Its agency said, “We completed the group’s jacket image and music video with high completion degrees in Thailand. Since it was its first time to take photos in abroad, the mass public can watch a sensual video. So please look forward to MAMAMOO’s new album.”

Meanwhile, MAMAMOO will release its first official album ‘Melting’ on February 26. (photo by RBW)