MAMAMOO Moonbyul and Hwasa Always In Synch


[by Ent Team] MAMAMOO is already spoiling its new single.

Through social media, NAVER TVCast and V App, MAMAMOO unveiled the spoiler video of upcoming music video ‘Décalcomanie’.

In the video, Moonbyul and Hwasa are seen rocking a choreography that perfectly expresses the theme of the song. This dance adds to the curiosity levitating around the comeback.

Over a drum sound, Moonbyul waves her skirt’s hem, sits on swings, expresses her femininity in different and striking ways. In suits and fedoras, the members flaunt a mannish look that talks the language of feminine empowerment.

The two girls are perfect copies of each other, from the hair style to the clothing. They both stand at an end of a mirror for a ‘Décalcomanie’ dance moment.

Meanwhile, MAMAMOO is currently releasing several spoiler videos to help fans wait for the fourth mini-album ‘MEMORY’, to be released on November 7. (photo by RBW)