‘Mad Dog’ Woo Do Hwan “I am learning new things every day.” [Mad Dog]


In the upcoming KBS drama ‘Mad Dog,’ Woo Do Hwan will play Kim Minjun, a mysterious street con artist. The press conference for the new drama took place on October 10. When asked if he feels his popularity that has gone up with the recent drama ‘Save Me,’ Woo Do Hwan replied, “I didn’t start this job because I wanted popularity, but I could only say thank you for liking me.”

In the drama, he joins the insurance investigative team ‘Mad Dog’ led by Choi Gangwoo in order to solve the secret behind his older brother’s death.

Woo Do Hwan described his character as a guy who “grew up as an orphan and was abandoned by his adoptive parents. He lives in the streets alone and one day meets his older brother, but he loses him too in an accident.”

Woo Do Hwan has risen as a star through the drama ‘Save Me.’ He said, “It is an honor to meet good works continuously. I really want to show good performance. I am learning new things every day.”

[Mad Dog]

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