‘Loss’ god Kim Tae-woo, Checks in on Gumi Junior Hwang Chi-yeul…Exploding into Laughter at his father’s one Comment?


[by Ent Team] god’s Kim Tae Woo checks Hwang Chi-yeul’s popularity.

On the upcoming broadcast of MBC’s high-class talk show ‘Radio Star’, for the special episode ‘National oppa, save you in my heart!’, god’s Park Joon-hyung and Kim Tae Woo, 1TYM’s Song Baek-kyoung, and Shinhwa’s Junjin will be appearing as guests while Shinee’s Key will match as the fourth special MC.

In the recent recording, Kim Tae Woo receives a phone call from his father who lives in Gyeongsangbuk-do Gumi, revealing a story about taking heart. Kim Tae Woo’s father left the decisive comment that he had been checking on Hwang Chi-yeul whose hometown is also Gumi. After the father’s message was revealed, the studio was reduced to ashes.

To this Kim Tae Woo aroused curiosity with his confession “Thus I worked harder on making an album”.

In addition, Kim Tae Woo revealed that at the time of god’s creation, the concept was to overthrow H.O.T., in which his position was ‘Lee Jae-won’ inside the team because he was tall.

Besides this, Kim Tae Woo with god’s pride on the line, had a dance battle with Junjin and garnered attention. Especially the fact that they had great chemistry created a warm atmosphere and is raising anticipation.

Meanwhile, the comment that Kim Tae Woo’s father made him crack up at can be checked out on this coming 28th at 11:10 pm on MBC’s ‘Radio Star-National Oppa, save you in my heart!’ special. (photo by MBC ‘Radio Star’)

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