Lee Young Ae-Kim Hye Soo-Song Hye Kyo, Three Anti-aging Ways to Age Gracefully


[by Song Eun Ji] If you look at the stars on TV recently, it is nearly impossible to guess their age. Actress in their 30s and 40s, as well as those in their 50s and beyond, trumps anyone in their 20s with tremendous beauty. The secrets to their time turning youth is the steady ‘anti-aging care’.

Actress Lee Young Ae, who plays a leading role in the recent drama ‘Saimdang, Light’s Diary’ is 47 years old. But in the TV screen, he still boasts a skin that is as bright and resilient as her 20s. The secret is unremittingly using a moisture cream. In addition to this, she maintain the youthful appearance for a long time by controlling the body conditions and body temperature with her own unique methods.

48-year-old Kim Hye Soo, who is 1 year older than Lee Young Ae, is also considered as a ‘wannabe’ among women with perfect body and skin. She shared her secret to maintaining her gorgeous body by habitually flexing her abdominal muscles to keep her body alert. She also kept her skin youthful by thorough double cleansing after an outdoor activity.

Song Hye Kyo, who has become a global star by appearing in the drama ‘Descendants of the Sun, is also one of the stars that looks younger than her age. Her teenager like smooth skin make her age of 37 meaningless. Song Hye-kyo who keeps her skin tight and wrinkle free, has been using an eye cream nonstop since she was young.

Follow the anti-aging care of the youthful stars

STEP 1 Cleansing: Use a mild cleansing foam immediately after going out to remove wastes from the pores.  After thoroughly soaking a cotton pad with cleansing water, then continuing with double-cleansing once more makes will give cleaner skin.

STEP 2 Eye Cream: Using eye cream is essential if you want younger looking skin. Apply a small amount of eye cream to areas where it’s easy to get wrinkles, such as eyes, mouth, etc., and tap away for complete absorption.

STEP 3 Moisturizing: Immediately after cleansing, apply a thin layer of moisturizing cream like the Sheep oil cream, made of a composition similar to skin sebum, to the entire face. By using a rich cream form sleeping pack before sleep, you can build a stronger moisturizing barrier for more complete anti-aging care.


The beauty editor recommending anti-aging skin care items are KICHO, a skin sommelier, which holds two tablespoons of forest and one tablespoon of Ocean. Kicho, launche db Du Yeon Co., Ltd., is enjoying a global admiration by Korea, USA and China with various mild functional products that coalesce the beauty know-hows accumulated since the 1950s.

01 KICHO Natural Mineral Foaming Cleanser A foam cleanser that contains more than 90% of natural plant ingredients such as natural surfactant, deep sea water in Ulleungdo, to removes wastes without any skin irritations.

02 KICHO WATER RECIPE CLEANSING WATER With deep seawater and algae extracts, it is a moist cleansing water that can remove the dust and dirt from the skin including make-up without any irritations.

03 KICHO phyto Enriched Eyecream A whitening and wrinkle-resistant eye cream that gives you abundant amount of natural, patented botanical embryos extracted ingredients from fermented beans filled with energy.

04 KICHO SHEEP OIL CREAM is a functional moisture cream with 8 kinds of berries and lanolin ingredients added to the young fleece extract for whitening and wrinkle improvements. It can perform complex care such as moisturizing, whitening, anti-aging without skin irritations.

05 KICHO CAMELIA SLEEPING PACK) Provides calming and anti-aging benefits. The sleeping pack contains Camellia oil (camellia) with excellent moisturizing power, black ginseng, and lanolin. (photo by KICHO, bntnews DB)

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