LEE YEONGJA lifts JOO UJAE up in her arms! [Hello, Counselor]


Yoon Yusun, Dana, Joo Ujae and Lee Jini will be the counselors for ‘Hello, Counselor’ early tomorrow morning.

On the show, Joo Ujae, who is a model, entertains the audience by being charming and weird at the same time. He says he wants to do something special, asking Lee Yeongja to pose for him. Not only that, but he also asks her to lift him up. His outrageousness makes other guests laugh.

One of today’s guests is on the show because she is getting too much stress from being discriminated. She has a little brother. And, according to her, her parents treat her differently when compared with him.

Here, Joo Ujae empathizes with the guest and gives her a few pieces of advice. Are you ready to watch the show?

[Hello Counselor]

Showtime : Tue 00:10 | Re-run: Tue 07:30, Sat 02:20 Mon 04:20 (Seoul, UTC+9)


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