Lee Joon evacuated during earthquake in Mexico and confirms he is safe.


Actor Lee Joon visited Mexico City to attend his fan meeting and had to evacuate during the level 8.0 earthquake that occurred on September 7.

Lee Joon said on his Instagram, “I am in Mexico. I am posting this because there are many people who are worried about me. The staff and I felt the earthquake and evacuated, and now we feel safe. Although level 8.0 is a bit scary, the hotel staff has protected us very well, and I feel safe now. Please pray for the safety of everyone in Mexico.”

Lee Joon went to Mexico on September 6 to attend his fan meeting in Mexico City.

Lee Joon’s agency staff said on a phone call interview, “Around midnight, everyone in the hotel felt the earthquake. Light objects were falling from above, and I never felt this kind of fear in my life. We all evacuated from the hotel for about an hour and returned to the hotel.”