Lee Jong Suk to publish a collection of poems with poet Na Tae Joo.


According to YG Entertainment, Lee Jong Suk collaborated with his favorite poet on the book of poetry titled ‘It’s all your fault’ (literal translation), which will be published on December 20. The book went on presale on December 4 at 2 p.m. online.

Lee Jong Suk learned about Na Tae Joo when he read out his poem ‘Grass Flower’ in the drama ‘School 2013.

Lee Jong Suk said, “When I read out ‘Grass Flower,’ I was just speaking my lines as an actor. After quite a while, I read his poem by chance, and it was a great consolation to me. I wanted to share such remarkable moment with as many people.”

The collection of poems will include Na Tae Joo‘s previous works like ‘Grass Flower’ and ‘I You’ in addition to 16 new poems.

Lee Jong Suk selected his favorite poems from Na Tae Joo, sorted them into 5 chapters, and named the chapters accordingly. He wrote brief reflections in each chapter as well.

The DVD, which is a complement to the book, contains the poetry video ‘It’s all your fault,’ designed and acted out by Lee Jong Suk and its making video. It also shows Lee Jong Suk’smeeting with Na Tae Joo.

[Image source: YG Entertainment]