Lee Jong Suk Has 24 Hour Long Eating Show on ‘3 Meals a Day’


[by Ent Team] Lee Jong Suk has an eating show.

On September 29th, the broadcast of the 9th episode of ‘3 Meals a Day: Marine Farming Edition’ will show a 24 hour long ‘eating show’ of ‘cute glutton’ actor Lee Jong Suk.

Lee Jong Suk showed super ‘bro-chemistry’ with his close friend actor Yoon Kyun Sang on his first appearance on the show last week and received a lot of interest in turn. Lee Jong Suk is usually shy but through the hidden camera prepared by the Deukryang Island brothers Lee Seo Jin, Eric, and Yoon Kyun Sang, they were able to break down the walls in his heart and he became the Deukryang magnae. .

In the recent recording, Lee Jong Suk’s extraordinary ‘food show’ was eye-catching. He ate everything well and even while washing dishes he would eat.

Especially as the three brothers started the ‘Gain Weight Project’ for Lee Jong Suk who cannot gain weight even though he eats well. Under the care of the hyeongs, Lee Jong Suk showed 24 hour long explosive ‘food show’. There is anticipation towards ‘cute glutton’ Lee Jong Suk’s image of not letting go of his food as he smiles a sesame seed smile.

Meanwhile, ‘3 Meals a Day’ is a program that shows how hard it is to make meals in unfamiliar and quiet farming and fishing villages compared to big cities. Every season the show presents the small happiness in everyday life and is well received. ‘3 Meals a Day: Marine Farming Edition’ based in Deukryang Island during the summer is broadcast every Friday at 9:50 pm. (photo by CJ E&M)

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