Lee Jong-suk considering role in $40 million production Jade Lover



Actor Lee Jong-suk who debuted in the 2010 drama Prosecutor Princess, teams up with director Jin Hyuk who is most famous for the hit drama Doctor Stranger in 2014. Both are part of a Korean and Chinese collaboration $40 million masterpiece called Jade Lover (working title, and direct translation).

the $40 million masterpiece Jade lover, is going to be a fantasy romance drama. Jade Lover is going to be DMG Entertainment(which did co-production and distribution in China for Hollywood movies Ironman 3 and Point Break)’s most anticipated project of 2016.

Jade Lover is a fantasy romance drama set in the 1930s with great effort put into the backgrounds costume, art and atmosphere. Lww Jong-suk puts in a performance that shows a completely different side of his charm.

According to Lee Jong-suk’s talent agency, he will definitely review the script for the movie and drama, in the first half of 2016 and decide if he will be part of the production. Actors are expected to be clamouring for roles in the project.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by Get It K DB

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