Lee Jong Suk Appears on ‘3 Meals a Day’, First Variety Appearance in 3 Years


[by Ent Team] Bro-chemistry bursts from the ‘3 Meals a Day’ maknaes.

On the 8th episode of tvN ‘3 Meals a Day: Marine Farming Edition’ to be broadcast on the 22nd, next generation actor Lee Jong Suk appears as the fourth guest of Deukryang Island.

While the news was released of Lee Jong Suk appearing on ‘3 Meals a Day: Marine Farming Edition’, his chemistry with Yoon Kyun Sang who he is close friends is the center of attention. He also relayed that his decision to appear on a variety show after 3 years was because of Yoon Kyun Sang.

At the first meeting with the production team he disclosed, “People have waited for me to make an appearance for a long time (on variety shows) but it’s because Kyun Sang-hyeong is there that I’m able to do it. I believed in him and came.”

The broadcast that will unfold Yoon Kyun Sang and Lee Jong Suk’s deep bromance chemistry is expected to bring warm smiles to viewers. The two boast of a special friendship as they are always together, cooking together, and when they chat they can’t hide their smiles.

In addition, Lee Jin Joo PD who directs ‘3 Meals a Day: Marine Farming Edition’ added, “While filming you could feel that the two really cherish each other. I thought ‘that’s the picture of really close friends’.”

The story of the four Deukrayng Island Brothers with the added bro-chemistry can be checked out on today’s (22nd) broadcast of the 8 episode of tvN ‘3 Meals a Day: Marine: Farming Edition’ at 9:50pm. (photo by tvN)

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