Lee Hyori, Pre-releases ‘Seoul’ today (28th) on Music Portal Sites…Greets Fans


[by Ent Team] Lee Hyori finally to release song on music portal sites.

Lee Hyori’s 6th full length album will be released on July 4th but today (28th) at 6pm, the title song ‘Seoul’ of her 6th full length album will be pre-released on music portal sites.
To this, Kiwi Media Group’s K-tune Collective Label that Lee Hyori is under, has released the music video teaser on the official Facebook, Instagram, and K-tune Collective Youtube channel as well as a greeting video that Lee Hyori herself appears in, thus garnering attention.

First, at midnight today (28th) the released music video teaser showed Lee Hyori climbing up the stairs of an old building in Seoul while whistling, as well as Lee Hyori arriving at rooftop with a chilly expression in the midst of city noise, leaving a deep impression.

Especially, the movie-like visual beauty and the sound of Hyori’s whistling give the clip a solitary atmosphere that matches well with the clip, raising expectations for the song.
In addition, Lee Hyori greeted fans through the K-tune Collective channel. In the clip Lee Hyori greeted fans saying “K-tune Collective family, this time I prepared diligently for this album, I promoted hard with my family so I hope there will be good results”. Fans that saw this video and the teaser are making assumptions and mentioning her dreads hairstyle along with the exotic background, verifying the explosive reaction fans have.

In relation, Kiwi Media Group’s K-Tune Collective stated “In order to maximize completion for this album, we devoted our heart and soul in production, not just in the music but even the filming. Of course, we ask for a lot of interest in the music portal release today (28th) of ‘Seoul’, and please have a lot of anticipation in the upcoming album on July 4th as well.”

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori’s 6th full length album will be released on this coming July 4th.

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