Lee Hongbin takes on a new life as an actor in Moorim School



Lee Hongbin of VIXX gets to show off his acting chops in the upcoming 2016 drama Moorim School.

The first episode of Moorim School will be broadcast this coming January 11th on KBS 2TV in the Monday Tuesday time slot. The new drama is written by Kim Hyun-hee and Yang Jina and produced by JS Pictures. Lee Hongbin as Wang Zhi-Aang is very innocent and smart. Some photos of him in character have been released. This is his second production as an actor, so he is making great efforts to build up trust as a reliable actor-idol.

Wang Hao played by Lee Beom-soo is the CEO and president of one of China’s biggest corporations, the Shanghai Group. Wang Zhi-Aang was able to get into Moorim School, thanks to the influence of his father. The son of a large corporation who doesn’t lack anything material, shows his lack of knowledge about general life, at Moorim School where self sufficiency is needed. It will cause viewer to laugh, But in reality he is well versed in his own unique martial art.


Lee Hongbin analyzed his character from various angles, looking at his outward appearance, family relationships, and what skills his character has, before shooting. From the first recording they had a tight recording schedule where they had to do wire stunts in the mountains. They also had to use their spare time to study the script. After consulting with the director, he wasn’t afraid to throw his whole body into the acting. He also showed a surprising ability to get into the head of his talent character Wang Zhi-Aang.

A production crew member said “Lee Hongbin showed natural acting ability from the very first shoot. He really looked like he was very devoted to the acting. He didn’t show any signs of strain in either action or emotional scenes, performing exceptionally well. Lee Hongbin wants to full exploit his opportunity in his 2016 performance in Moorim school. Please look forward to seeing and support both Lee Hongbin as well as Moorim School, this coming January 11th.”

The school is not about having student learn things to acquire certifications and resume filler. Instead it tries to educate this on the importance of the virtues of: truth, loyalty, survival, sacrifice, communication and relationships, in order for them to be able to take a stand when they go out into society and the broader world. This action drama shows the process and transformations of their learning. The first episode will be broadcast on KBS 2TV, replacing Oh My Venus starting January 11th 2016.


Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by JS Pictures

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