Lee Hong-gi’s Insensible featuring Park Shin-hye is released



Lee Hong-gi debut album’s new single Insensible is released! It is a ballad with appealing vocals.

On November 18th at midnight, via his album page, http://fncent.com/LEEHONGGI Lee Hong-gi released his first solo album FM302. In the single Insensible, Lee Gong-gi sings with a sorrowful tone, in this ballad about heartache. It is about the feelings of a guy who can’t forget about his former lover.

Lee Hong-gi chooses to shows off his abilities, as a next generation rock vocalist, in the ballad Insensible on his first solo album. Fans will appreciate his ability to hit notes on both ends of the scale, in this song.

The track and music video for Insensible were released together. Park Shin-hye who is the female lead in the music video for Insensible, appeared in music videos from 2NE1, Akdong Musician, Kim Bum-soo and others, which Dee Shin directed and produced. In this music video Dee Shin produced a dramatic piece, about a delicate and insecure lover.

Lee Hong-gi is promoting his new solo album through his single Insensible. He will be hosting an album release concert for FM302, tonight (November 18th) at 7pm, at the Yes24 Muv hall in Seoul. This event will be broadcast live via the Naver V app, for fans around the world.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by FNC Entertainment

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