Lee Hi to Sweep the Music Chart in China


[by Bae Jung Yun] Lee Hi is receiving a popularity in China with her new song ‘MY STAR’.

Her full album ‘SEOULITE’, which released on April 25, ranked first on the new song chart of the largest Chinese sound source QQ Music. Previously, one of her half album’s double title songs called ‘Hold My Hand’ that released in March also topped the QQ Music’s K-pop weekly chart and it drew people’s attention.

Along with the song, the music video of ‘MY STAR’ ranked second on the K-pop music video chart. It is also receiving a great popularity in China.

‘MY STAR’ is a retro soul genre music, which matches well with Lee Hi and it is full of groove that can be enjoyed with its choreography. YG’s main producer Teddy and Kush participated in song writing and lyric writing of the song.

Her full album’s title song also topped seven major domestic music chart as soon as it released on April 20. Recently, American billboard talked about her comeback and centered the spotlight by disclosing an interview progressed with her.

Meanwhile, Lee Hi is continuing her active performance with her full album ‘SEOULITE’. (photo by YG Entertainment)

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