Lee Gwang Soo Has A Surprise For Hwarang’s Watchers


[by Ent Team] Lee Gwang Soo kicks off new series ‘Hwarang’.

KBS2’s new drama ‘Hwarang’s first episode aired on December 19 and the major surprise was the appearance of Lee Gwang Soo.

He opened the show with suspense and surprise, impersonating the vividness and freshness of such a play. His acting didn’t fade a bit and the actor held a glorious performance.

Mak Moon, his character, is of low-class status despite being the son of Ahn Ji Gong (Choi Won Young). For some reason, he grew up alone in the Cheon-in village where he met Moo Myung (which literally means ‘without a name’ in Korean, and who is played by Park Seo Jun) and they start a nebulous friendship. In order to find his family and identity, he crosses with Moo Myung the ‘Wang Jin’ line of the village which is to never be crossed.

A sense of adventure and of nervousness is what Lee and Park used to express the peculiarity of this ‘Young Historical Series’. An adventure to be followed every Mondays and Tuesdays on KBS2 at 10PM KST. (photo is a capture of KBS2 ‘Hwarang’)

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