Lee Dong Woo Releases Second Album


[by Ent Team] Lee Dong Woo’s jazz is back again.

On December 21, SM Entertainment pleased the vocalist’s fans by announcing that “The second album of Lee Dong Wook, ‘Walking’, will be released online on December 24.”

The singer wrote every single song on this album, which makes it a very personal opus. The producing team is impressive too, the team behind ‘Dear Santa’ from SNSD-TTS and the producer behind Red Velvet’s ‘7 July’.

The title song is a pop and swing song that brings brightness into the dark mood of winter. Visually impaired, Lee Dong Woo imagines a pain that can be felt in the noisy city. The song was written in Korean and English for a more global reach.

Meanwhile, Lee Dong Woo’s second full-length album ‘Walking’ will be released online on December 24 and offline on December 26. (photo by SM Entertainment)

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