Last Infos Before Eddy Kim Releases Heart Pound


[by Ent Team] Only one day left until the release of Eddy Kim’s new single.

On June 7, singer Eddy Kim released the teaser for the music video of Heart Pound, his upcoming single.

He makes an appearance in the 26-second video. He is seen a little lonely despite women dancing around and a man playing the drums.

This vintage-ish video was staged by DIGIPEDI, who already worked with PSY, EXID or Loveliz amongst many clients.

The teaser unveils a few seconds of the melody and lyrics of what will certainly be Eddy Kim’s next hit. The singer also undergoes a little change with this comeback : Heart Pound is a retro soul song that combines a vintage sound with Eddy Kim’s mellow voice.

Just like the title, the drums pound heavily on the notes of a Moog synth to embellish the work of saxophonist Jang Hyoseok, bassist Choi Hoon and guitarist Soon Kabyeol’s session.

The song tells the story of a man who falls in love at first sight. Eddy Kim is very famous for the beauty and the depths of his lyrics.

Meanwhile, Heart Pound will be out on various platforms on June 9. (photo by Mystic Entertainment)