LABOUM Releases Teaser Images


[by Ent Team] The teaser image of LABOUM’s comeback are revealed.

On November 30, girlgroup LABOUM teased about its upcoming single with teaser images.

The pictures of Sol Bin, ZN, So Yeon were unveiled on November 29 and the pictures of Yool Hee, Yoo Jung, and Hae In today. These are the photos for special gift album ‘Winter Tale’.

In immaculate dresses, the members remind the princesses at the center of fairy tales. New song ‘Winter Tale’ will tell about a sweet love story that stays in one’s heart. The lyrical melody sounds really familiar, as though LABOUM had always been by our side.

Meanwhile, LABOUM’s special gift album ‘Winter Tale’ will be out on December 2. (photo by NH Media)