Kyuhyun Appears in ‘Weekly Idol’


[by Woorim Ahn] Kyuhyun will appear in ‘Weekly Idol’.

On the upcoming episode of MBC every1 ‘Weekly Idol’, Kyuhyun as a solo will show up.
It was his first time to visit the program as a solo artist, he appealed his soft charms by singing his double title songs ‘Blah Blah’ and ‘Still’ received from Yoon Jong Shin and Sung Si Kyung, respectively.

Since Kyuhyun is known as a big fan of Sung Si Kyung, he challenged to take a quiz of Sung Si Kyung. He got everything correct about Sung Si Kyung even about Sung Si Kyung’s favorite food, episodes in army and others.

Moreover, despite of busy schedules, Sung Si Kyung directly sent a present for Kyuhyun to the studio and showed off their friendship.

Meanwhile, ‘Weekly Idol’ with Kyuhyun will air on November 23. (photo by MBC every1)