Korean Idol Fashion! It Items To Complete Normcore Look In 2015 Winter


[by Choi Soo Jin/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] ‘Normcore’ is the fashion and beauty keyword in 2015. It refers to natural fashion styles completed by consciously choosing clothes or accessories that are undistinguished.

However, it is not an easy style to carry because selecting items wrongly might just bring you a comfortable yet unfashionable look. If you are still concerned about what to wear, let’s examine the fashion styles of male idols.

Diverse event venues, airports or even when they are on the way to work are great places and timing to observe their airport fashion. The other sides of celebrities, different from that on the stage, can be seen attracting the attention of their fans.

◆    Comfortable and Refined Slacks

Slacks and sweatshirts or knits can effortlessly complete Normcore look that is popular this year. Minho from SHINee matched black slacks with a knit top. It could have been a dull outfit, however, his grey sneakers and burgundy floppy hat added a special point to it.

Park Hyun Sik from ZE:A, who can be described as an actor as well now, wore slacks, a padding jacket and sneakers of different shades of grey to show a tidy and causal look.

Jung Joon Young, the vocalist of JJY Band, pulled off a refined chic style with black slacks, top, coat and shoes. In particular, he rolled the leg pants up above ankle bones accentuating his playful image as usual.

◆    Turtleneck, Classic Beyond Trends

Turtleneck knits are not exclusive for women anymore. They are hot items for men this winter. The image of turtlenecks has changed from old fashioned and unwanted in the past to not only trendy but also classic now. They have become must-have winter clothes that keep you warm.

Matching turtlenecks with slacks or jeans can help get a casual look and together with a coat, a tidy style suiting for different events can be pulled off. Recently, N from VIXX and Key from SHINEee who is a well-know fashionista among idols attended a brand event and wore turtlenecks with padding jackets to present a casual style.

On the other hand, Yim Si Wan from ZE:A layered a turtleneck with a denim jacket and a long coat to flaunt a neat outfit that matched his age, capturing people’s attention.

◆     Functional Innerwear with Sensational Designs

There is a saying that a pair of socks completes men’s fashion. The small gap between your shoes and trousers can reveal the colors and patterns of the socks in which your fashion sense can be oozed. By paying attention to these minor parts, you can become a real fashionista.

What is another item that reveals one’s fashion sense? The answer is innerwear. Open your drawer now to check it out. If your drawer is packed with old innerwear, fill it up again with trendy and functional pieces

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(photo by Lashevan, bntnews DB)

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