‘King of Masked Singer’ Park Joon Hyung, Shows Sharp Discerning Eyes…”That Person has a SM Voice”

[by Ent Team] Park Joon Hyung is radiating the light of his activity.
The broadcast of MBC ‘Mystery Music Show: King of Masked Singer’ (Hereafter: King of Masked Singer) on July 23rd, standing up to 1960s king ‘Baby Sea Horse’, 8 masked singers appear. The entertainer judges this time include ‘idol ancestor’ Park Joon Hyung and trendy girl group Black Pink’s Jisoo.
In the recent recording, Park Joon Hyung shows his years of experience. In the last episode he alluded to food, glutinous rice cake as a figure of speech and made viewers burst out in laughter. However instead of a figure of speech this time, with sharp discernment, he distinguished a masked singer’s company, shocking people.
Especially, Park Joon Hyung after seeing a masked singer’s dancing ability and tone, analyzed the voice as one that SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment would like, “That person has a voice that ‘SM’ likes,” boasting of ‘judging JHP’s image that isn’t inferior to JYP.
Also, Black Pink’s Jisoo captured male hearts with her cute charms to her meticulous deduction skills. Taking an active role as a freshman judge.
Meanwhile, MBC ‘Mystery Music Show: King of Masked Singer’ broadcasts every Sunday at 4:50 pm. (photo by MBC)
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