Kim Young Kwang to Appear in ‘Wonderful Life’


[by Woorim Ahn] Actor Kim Young Kwang confirmed his next work.

Kim Young Kwang confirmed to appear in movie ‘Wonderful Life’ and he is currently preparing to film it. ‘Wonderful Life’ is a fantasy humane drama drawing a story of a police officer gets help from a man that he thought they have an ill-fated relationship.

Kim Young Kwang will be playing the role of Tae Jin, who is a police officer dreaming to be a detective, sacrifices himself for his beloved lady. He will perfectly digest the role since the character was described in details as the scriptwriter thought of Kim Young Kwang for it at the first place.

Recently, Kim Young Kwang is making activities. In SBS ‘The Laws of Jungle’, he caught the audiences’ attention as he showed off his handcraft skills. Moreover, his web drama fascinated China.

Meanwhile, ‘Wonderful Life’ will be crank-in in August. (photo by bntnews DB)