Kim Tae Woo, “I look better than you” in JTBC ‘Sugarman’


[by Bae Jung Yun] The best male vocalist Kim Bum Soo and Kim Tae Woo are competing against each other.

Last December, the big match of Park Jung Hyun and Gummy from JTBC entertainment program ‘Two You Project – Sugarman’ dragged the mass public’s attention and this program is now showing off another big match once again. Korea’s top male vocalist Kim Bum Soo and Kim Tae Woo will appear as ‘Show Men’.

MCs Yoo Jae Suk, Yoo Hee Yeol, Kim Yi Na, Sandara Park and audiences were giving a welcome acclamation to Kim Tae Woo and Kim Bum Soo and showed their expectations for the following competition. Kim Tae Woo expressed his pressure and said, “I didn’t want to appear in the show when I heard my opponent is Kim Bum Soo.”

Kim Bum Soo replied, “I didn’t as well because of the height difference.” They had a war of nerve from the beginning of the show and made the atmosphere heated.

Moreover, Yoo Jae Suk and Yoo Hee Yeol pointed out the appearances of Show Men by saying “Their appearances are ranked second or third here at most”, “Looks like hundred times beaten Lee Byung Hun” and laughed. Kim Tae Woo said “I think I look better than anyone else here,” and Yoo Jae Suk replied “You are second or third place here at best“.

Each team has completed the strongest line up for both ‘Show Man’ and ‘Producer’. Kim Bum Soo nominated ‘A First Class Slave” Don Spike and Kim Tae Woo nominated Joker (Lee Hyo Seok), who is Kim Bum Soo’s school classmate and they attuned to each other for long time. In the beginning, both team claimed to show the completeness of music. Toward the end of the show, they sang ‘Dis Song’ to each other and draw a muddy fight.

Meanwhile, ‘Sugarman’ with Kim Tae Woo and Kim Bum Soo will air on February 2. (photo by JTBC)