Kim Tae Hyung Makes Successful Debut in Hwarang


[by Jo Yang Boon / Photo by Baek Soo Yeon] Kim Tae Hyung praised Park Seo Jun.

On December 16, KBS2 drama ‘Hwarang’ held its press presentation at Nonhyeon-dong’s Imperial Palace, in Seoul.

On thay day, Kim Tae Hyung said, “It’s my first real acting experience so I know I was a burden. I was really nervous but from the script reading to the filming to the post-filming hangouts, my Hwarang senior took really good care of me. Most of my worries went away.”

He added, “They all took care of me but I was especially moved by Park Seo Jun. He looked over the script with me and helped me take care of all the things I was nervous about. I’m very thankful.”

‘Hwarang’ takes place in Sillah and depicts the story of Hwarang, an elite group of male youth who called themselves the Flowering Knights. It’s a historical drama series that talks love and passion, devotion and youthfulness.

Meanwhile, KBS2’s new series ‘Hwarang’ will start airing on December 19.