Kim So-eun will will radio show Volume Up



Actress Kim So-eun was selected as the special DJ for KBS’s Cool FM’s Volume Up radio show.

Kim So-eun took a short break from preparations for her up coming role to host Volume Up. On the show, she got to meet a number of listeners.

December 7th will be Kim So-eun’s first time hosting a live radio broadcast. On the broadcast she will host a segment called So-eun’s Corner, where she will play a custom track list and chat with viewers, showing her great people skills.

Before the broadcast Kim So-eun said “this was something I really wanted to try. So I’m very grateful for this excellent opportunity. Even if there are some awkward moments, I’m happy for the opportunity to share a side of me that fans normally don’t get a chance to see. I’m looking forward to sharing various stories and experiences with everyone. I will work hard to make it a memorable experience for both my self and viewers. Please enjoy the show!”

A Volume Up staff member said “Kim So-eun is a great host by nature thanks to her fresh and lively personality. I think people will get to see a lot of Kim So-eun’s unique charm, which that can’t normally see, through her hosting of Volume Up. I hope listeners enjoy their open conversation with Kim So-eun.

On Samsung’s web drama Falling for Challenge, Kim So-eun helped them to surpass 20 million views. She is currently preparing for the next round of shooting for the series.

You can see Volume Up, which will feature Kim So-eun as the guest DJ, everyday at 8:00pm on 89.1.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by Fantagio

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