Kim Shin Young Talks about the Possibility of Kim Sook and Yoon Jung Soo’s Marriage


[by Kim Young Shin] In MBC ‘Radio Star’ Kim Shin Young confessed that she was an ardent member of Kim Sook’s fan club. She also grasped the attention of the studio by mentioning the probability of Kim Sook’s marriage with Yoon Jung Soo.

On February 17, four guests – Kang Ha Neul, Kim Shin Young, Kim Dong Hyun and Han Jae Young – will talk about their concerns under the theme ‘Don’t You Worry’.

During filming, Kim Shin Young recalled, “I was a member of Kim Sook’s fan site. It was my dream to stand on the same stage with her.”

The studio was all ears when she described the day her dream came true. When she and her superstar came down from the stage together, she told her the nickname she used on the website and said “It is I”. According to Kim Shin Young, Kim Sook reacted with great joy.

She also mentioned the possibility of Kim Sook, who is now her friend, and Yoon Jung Soo getting together. The two comedians are in a virtual marriage TV show.

When a cast asked, “Do you think the couple has any chance of really getting married?” Kim gave a frank answer.

Moreover, she brought huge laughter to the studio by practicing an old dance move. She explained the so-called ‘Cola-tech Dance’ by saying “There are certain steps to it, you have to keep within your area and you shouldn’t get too excited.” The casts gave her a round of claps for demonstrating the moves.

Kim’s honest opinion on Kim Sook and Yoon Jung Soo’s marriage and her ‘Cola-tech Dance’ will air on February 17 at 11:10pm KST.

Meanwhile, ‘Radio Star’ is hosted by four hosts – Kim Gook Jin, Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Gura and Kyuhyun – who skillfully get the truth out of the guests. (photo by MBC)