Kim Na Young Talks about Her Wedding


[by Kim Young Shin] Kim Na Young complained that the news of her wedding was eclipsed by the news of Won Bin and Lee Na Young’s.

The upcoming episode of KBS 2TV ‘Happy Together3’ will be on special theme ‘Addicts’. Actors Lee Sung Min, Lee Hee Jun, entertainers Kim Na Young and Jung Juri will appear in the show.

During the filming, Kim Na Young frankly spoke about her small wedding in Jeju which was a hot issue. Last month, Kim had a private wedding in Jeju Island and raised the mass public’s curiosity.

When the host Yoo Jae Suk asked “Didn’t you copy Lee Hyori?” while mentioning Lee’s precedent for a small wedding, Kim admitted it by saying “I cannot say that I didn’t” and provoked laugher in the studio.

She made everybody burst into laughter by adding “Two weeks after my wedding, Won Bin and Lee Na Young held a private wedding ceremony in a wheat field, which screened the news for mine. They looked so beautiful that they made my small wedding a ‘very small wedding’”.

Also, the casts tried to guess who Kim’s husband is. Because her spouse remains a mystery, her marriage itself was questioned. Furthermore, Kim denied answering any of the questions regarding him by saying “I don’t know what he is doing now” or “I don’t even know his occupation.”

Meanwhile, ‘Finding Kim Na Young’s Husband’ project in ‘Happy Together3’ will air on January 21 at 11:10pm KST. (photo by KBS 2TV, Kim Na Young’s Instagram)